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It is no secret that today most of our fellow citizens concern to people with disabilities with pity or an emotional neglect, even with hostility, without understanding that they are those people who deserve the special attitude towards themselves. Quite often society perceives the person with disabilities as poor - without capabilities, with the lost opportunities which requires material support and the daily help; the person who can't realize himself in society.

The principle of respect of features of people with disabilities and, the main thing, – their perception as parts of mankind is enshrined in the UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities.

Does the society understand that the main problem of a person with disabilities is not lack of the cart and an artificial limb, and even not small pension, and, above all for them is to have opportunities to exercise the right to life, to education, to employment and to self-realization ?

Do you know that such famous representatives of mankind as composers Frederic Chopin, Johann Sebastian Bach, artists Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, the famous French actress Sara Bernhardt and many others had vital issues with health, but each person in the world knows about their achievements, and it didn't prevent them to become "great".

Isn't it paradoxical that Ludwig van Beethoven had big problems with hearing? One of U.S. Presidents - Franklin Roosevelt, had severe defeat of the musculoskeletal device and moved all life in a wheelchair. The famous British scientist-physic ist, the author of the theory of "black holes", professor Stephen Hawking who is called modern Einstein and who is chained more than 40 years to a wheelchair and can communicate with the world only by means of a computer synthesizer of the speech, made flight by specially designed plane to feel state of weightlessness. Imagine, despite heavy disability, Hawking researches the fundamental laws managing the Universe! He, - the eighth genius from the 100 geniuses of the present list, - continues to lead full-fledged life, learning new and granting the knowledge to the world!

For this reason we shall make our society civilized in which disability won't be a brand with deep social isolation and a distance.

It is important that government and nongovernmental organizations, private companies paid attention to incentive and innovative actions for further use of the international standards and standards concerning people with disabilities. Schools, universities and other educational institutions shall create proper conditions for their training. Mass media can make especially valuable contribution to case of support of people with disabilities not only in the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, but also during the whole year to distribute information on disability, shortcomings of medical services, imperfection of education and professional training; to report about the achievements and problems arising when carrying out social policy about the programs and projects directed to support of people with disabilities to promote understanding by society of need of not just abstract humane attitude towards people with disabilities, and the specific active help to it, their activities are limited to physical, social, psychological and other barriers.

We live during an era of high technologies and computer communications. It is a unique opportunity to create all conditions for full activity of people with disabilities, to provide them with work and to use all their intellectual potential.

At the beginning of the 21st century to leave a considerable part of the population of the globe outside society is not just a tragedy, but a crime! And everyone has to define for himself, what he can personally make for people who daily throw down a challenge to destiny, and daily overcome themselves.
Larisa N. Zelentsova, President of the

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization

for promotion the development of international relations in the framework of BRICS

"International Alliance of BRICS Strategic Projects" (BRICS Alliance)

and Interregional Public Charitable

Organization of Assistance to Persons with Disabilities "Sail of Hope"

About the support of "BRICS Alliance"

and "Sail of Hope" activities

Dear Larisa,

Public diplomacy has an important role in strengthening atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding in international affairs and in promotion of unifying, forward-looking agenda. Your organization made a significant contribution to the solution of these noble tasks. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia highly appreciates the ongoing "BRICS Alliance" and "Sail of Hope" work both inside the country and at the international level.

It's gratifying, that you are not only limited to the development of activities in the narrow direction, but strive to cover as many thematic segments as possible, where your efforts are needed: from support of persons with disabilities to the issues of development.

One of the new, however, the most popular spheres of application of forces of your organizations is recently becoming support of initiatives to promote Russian business abroad. We are Interested in continuing of your movement in this way.

We believe that, if the format of public-private partnership, which largely proved its effectiveness, will be added by the civic component, we then surely may expect the emergence of a kind of synergy from such collaboration, which, in its turn, will give impetus and a new quality of our work on the world stage as a whole.

We also interested in ensuring that "the BRICS Alliance" and "Sail of Hope" continue to represent civil society of our country at numerous events in the framework of non-governmental segments of various international organizations and structures in a worthy manner.

We consider these organizations as reliable partners in pursuing and realization of our common objectives in the international arena. We are looking forward to our further fruitful cooperation with them. I wish you and your organizations success and all the best.

Deputy Minister S. Ryabkov

Sail of hope:
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Associated member of DPI UN
Member of UN Global Compact
Member of Russian Working Group CivilBRICS/C20
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Member of Global Water Partnership (GWP)
Member of Inclusion International
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