UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2020 took place in new quality.
2020 became a special year for the United Nations. So one of the most significant events took place on the virtual platform Hopin. Despite new circumstances the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2020 went well! In addition to the main parties to the contract, there were more than 3,000 participants not only from the business environment. The virtual platform allowed participants to be not only listeners, but also they could build business contacts, ask questions, and cooperate for online conversations with each other. The main result was the unity of all efforts to pursue the global goals together with private, non-governmental, non-profit sectors, and volunteers.

The crucial issues on the Agenda were climate change, the fight against poverty, the economic crisis, and of course the economic changes in the world after the global pandemic. Among the speakers were heads of states and major organizations: the Secretary-General UN - Antonio Guterres, Director General WHO - Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, High Commissioner for Human Rights UN - Michelle Bachelet, President of Columbia - Ivan Duque Marquez, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director UN Global Compact - Lise Kingo, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany - Angela Merkel and other public persons.

The Interregional Public Charitable Organization of assistance to persons with disabilities "Sail of Hope" were invited on behalf of the UN Global Compact. The head of the organization Larisa N. Zelentsova and additional representatives to the UN Nomma Zarubina, Dmitry Taschev, Alexander Savoysky, Elena Bukina, Denis Davydov, Elena Romanenko participated as guests at the Leaders Summit. It is difficult to imagine a discussion of current issues without socially oriented organizations, which contribute to the most vulnerable sectors of society. This platform also was a great opportunity for finding appropriate business contacts to cooperate. Before the event, the "Sail of Hope" has already held their roundtables at the 57th and 58th UN sessions of the Commission for Social Development. Now the representatives may continue their networking for the global perspective. The social responsibility of business is an essential concept of the UN Global Compact, so the greatest initiative of the UN urges cooperation, solidarity, and support each other are on the way to build peace.

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