International day of indigenous peoples is celebrated on 9 August. December 23, 1994 Resolution of the UN General Assembly No. 49/214 approved its annual celebration.
The indigenous population makes up 5% of the total world population and 15% of them are the poorest on the planet. They were harassed and the rights were violated. But it was until 1970, while the UN began to conduct research in this area. Public opinion has been changed. The date is celebrated around the world. 90 countries are their home, 370 million people - and each with its own language (7000 languages) and 5000 different cultures. In Russia there are about 50 ethnic groups, representing 40 indigenous peoples. Most of them, slightly more than 65%, live in rural areas. September 13, 2007 Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples, which enshrines their legal existence and rights, was retified. The goal of the Dayl is to draw attention to the issues of indigenous peoples, not only common people but also officials of all ranks. In Russia in 2017, this event is celebrated at an informal level and is accompanied by the opening of museums, exhibitions, tours or festivals and congresses. In the headquarters of the United Nations the event is held with the participation of representatives of the United Nations General Assembly, which is broadcast live.