International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Every year more and more people are involved in the problems of disability, including through the development of empathy in society, thanks to the contribution of relatives of people with disabilities, who talk about their loved ones and urge people not to treat people with disabilities as "incapable" or "unhealthy".

International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated on 3 December every year.

For the first time this holiday was established by the UN General Assembly in 1992 at the 47th session (Resolution No. A / RES / 47/3). The General Assembly called on all states and international organizations to cooperate in celebrating this day.

This day, along with the International Day for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, celebrated on May 5, is intended to draw people's attention to the problems associated with protecting the rights of people with disabilities, because it is obvious that their rights to employment, accessible infrastructure, and accessible education are very often not respected even in economically developed countries, not to mention developing countries.
It should be said that the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is not only a holiday that concerns people with disabilities, but also everyone, those who are associated with them or otherwise. These are friends and relatives of people with disabilities, this is a huge circle of workers in the social sphere and services, who, with their work and attention, create conditions for a more comfortable existence of disabled people.

Charitable organizations deserve special mention on this day, whose work contributes to the mobilization of society in relation to the problems of disabled people.

And yet, above all, it is a holiday of people with disabilities, those who represent minority groups, people who often face various forms of discrimination and harassment from society.

Lack of understanding of the problems of people with disabilities primarily lies in the difference between disabled people and a "healthy" person.

The resulting injuries or structural features of the human body with disabilities leave him all the rights inherent in any other person.

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities carries a mission of informing the population on issues related to equal treatment of people with disabilities, creating a comfortable environment, taking into account the needs of all representatives of society.
If you go back to the history of this day, you should pay attention to the fact that, since 1998, every year this Day is held under a new agenda that reflects the problems of disabled people at the moment.

Since 1998, when the International Day of Persons with Disabilities was held every year under the auspices of a new theme, many issues related to the life of a person with disabilities have been addressed. Among the problems were considered such problems as: an independent way of life, equality, rights, opportunities, the search for a decent job, family issues, education.

The theme of the day for 2020 is: Towards an inclusive and sustainable world after a pandemic, taking into account the needs of people with disabilities.

The inclusion of persons with disabilities in society is essential for ensuring human rights, achieving sustainable development, and establishing peace and security. It is also one of the main objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Protecting the rights of persons with disabilities is not only a matter of justice, but also an investment in a shared future.

The global COVID-19 crisis has exposed the scale of inequality and exclusion in the world, highlighting that working to integrate people with disabilities is our most important task. People with disabilities - there are about one billion people in the world - are one of the most marginalized groups in our society, hardest hit by the pandemic.

Even under normal circumstances, people with disabilities are less likely to gain access to health care, education, employment and community participation. Comprehensive measures are needed to ensure that persons with disabilities are not left out.

The integration of people with disabilities will serve the interests of the whole society. This will help us cope with the pandemic and get back to normal. This will enable us to create more flexible systems that can respond to difficult situations, targeting the neediest populations first.

This year, from November 25 to December 3, the Conference of the States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is also being held.

In our next materials, we will dwell on this Conference and its results. We will also dwell in a little more detail on such concepts as the rights of people with disabilities, their position, the exclusion of "different" people by society from normal participation in the social process.

This is the theme of the second holiday - the International Day for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which we will also tell in more detail on the eve of the Day - May 5.

Sail of Hope congratulates all people with disabilities, but with an unlimited spirit, wishes to remain strong, bright and exceptional! Never give up, never hesitate and always know that today, tomorrow there will be a solution for problems thanks to our joint efforts!
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