Webinar on Interregional Cooperation between India and Russia
On February 10, 2021, the long-awaited webinar dedicated to interregional cooperation between Russia and India took place. In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the meeting was organized on the Cisco Webex Meeting online platform. During the event, participants discuss areas of mutually beneficial trade and investment cooperation between the Indian States and the Russian regions.

The webinar was divided into several software parts. The first part consisted of presentations by the main participants on the theme "Interaction between Indian states and Russian regions", including welcoming words and highlighting the main questions on the given topic. The second part was devoted to the presentations of the participants. It consisted of 3 blocks, in each of which the speakers have a chance to present the prepared material. It is in this part that the key issues of interaction between the two states of India and two regions of Russia are discussed.

Representatives of the two countries talked about and clearly showed a number of problems they have to face and ways to solve them.

The main speakers of the program were representatives of AASOHAM, Business Russia, Indian Investments, the Embassy of India in Russia, the Ministry of Economy and Development of Russia, the Ministry of Trade and Industry of India, representatives of two companies from the Indian States, as well as two Russian regions. The last minutes of the event were given to the closing speech of the business ambassador of India and Russia, Olga Kulikova.

It is important to note that the ANO «International Alliance of Strategic Projects BRICS» was present at the webinar participant. From year to year we help companies to enter and gain a foothold in the international market. In addition, our interest in developing close partnerships between Russia and the BRICS countries is becoming a fundamental key to close support and assistance to companies.

Thanks to this webinar, key issues of cooperation were discussed and close relations between Russian and Indian partners were established.