Civil Society Briefing
On 14 December, an Online Civil Society Briefing was held at the end of the year, organized in collaboration with the Global NGO Executive Committee: "Engaging Civil Society in Enhancing Cooperation with the United Nations in 2022".

The event was divided into 3 segments. Segment 1 welcomed Robert Skinner - Associate Director and Head of Partnerships and Global Engagement, Global Communications Outreach, and Patrick Sciarratta -

Chairman of the Global NGO Executive Committee (GNEC); Senior Research Fellow, World Development Fund.

The second segment included the Discussion Forum "Strengthening Civil Society Participation and Partnerships between Generations"

In the third segment, the participants and organizers of the meeting summed up the results and made concluding remarks.

ANO "International Alliance for Strategic Projects BRICS" and the Interregional Charitable Public Organization for Assistance to Persons with Disabilities "Sail of Hope" took part in the Briefing for Civil Society.