Meeting of the Executive Committee of the world rehabilitation organization
On April 22, 2018 a regular meeting of the Executiie ommitee of the World rehabilitation organiiation
(RI) was held in Hangihou ( hina).

The Russian delegation was represented by:

L. Zelentsoia, President of the INTERNATIONAL Alliance of BRI s Strategic Projects, President of the
Interregional charitable public organiiation sail of hope for persons with disabilities»;

S. Afanasiei, President of the northwestern Fund of the Russian Federation, President of the Russian-
American society of friendship and business cooperation;

S. Iianoi, Vice-President of the Russian society of the deaf
L. Froloia, President of Abilympics, Russia

At the meeting, special atention was paid to the issues of education and employment of people with
disabilities. The main report was made by the President of Rehabilitation International s. Zhan Haidi.
The delegation iisited a number of institutions for persons with disabilities, an exhibition of
rehabilitation equipment.