International Summit "System of sustainable development parameters for BRICS and CIS countries"
On April 18, 2022, the "International BRICS-CIS SPUR Summit" was held on the topic "System of Independent Development Parameters" for the BRICS and CIS countries: sovereignty and cooperation of states as a "gyroscope" in a multipolar world".
The organizer of the summit is ANO "International Alliance of Strategic Projects "BRICS".
The event was supported by: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Association "Business Center for Economic Development of the CIS", ANO "National Institute for the Development of the Circular Economy", "Russian-Chinese Research Center for Digital Economy".
The Summit was attended by:
Representatives of the diplomatic corps and businesses from more than 20 friendly BRICS and CIS countries, including China, India, Mongolia, Iraq, Indonesia, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Republic of Indonesia, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Qatar, the Republic of Serbia, Palestine, the Syrian Arab Republic , the Republic of South Ossetia, as well as representatives of the public sector of the Russian Federation, relevant departments, business and the banking community, specialized research institutes.

Moderator and Producer of the BRICS-CIS SPUR International Summit:
Ryabinin Vadim Alexandrovich - President of the NPFGP of the George the Victorious Foundation, media expert

At the summit, presentations and proposals were made by:
- Zelentsova Larisa Nikolaevna - Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Summit, President of the ANO "International Alliance for Strategic Projects" BRICS ", Representative in the UN ECOSOC, Expert of the Russian Federation in the UN;
- Kazakov Anatoly Borisovich - Chairman of the Coordinating Council of the Association "Business Center for Economic Development of the CIS";
- Bukina Elena Anatolyevna - Plenipotentiary Representative of ANO "International Alliance of Strategic Projects" BRICS "and EECO in Russia;
- Vinokurov Ilya Viktorovich - Expert of the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation;
- Shakirov Alexey Ilyich - First Vice-President of the International Alliance of Strategic Projects "BRICS";
- Dyakov Fedor Viktorovich Adviser to the President on Financial Policy "Alliance BRICS";
- Aliev Mehri Hikmetovich - Executive Director of the Russian-Chinese Research Center for Digital Economy;
- Kosenov Andrey Anatolyevich - Vice-President for Technological Development of ANO "International Alliance of Strategic Projects "BRICS";
- Titov Petr Mikhailovich - Vice-President for Science of ANO "International Alliance of Strategic Projects "BRICS", author and General Designer of "SPUR";
- Melnikov Yakov Viktorovich - Vice-President of the ANO "International Alliance of Strategic Projects" BRICS "; author and IT-architect of SPUR;
- Walid Latif Abdullah - Counselor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Russian Federation on economic issues;
- Han Xuemei - CEO of Huaming Solux International Travel;
- Sanjay Kapoor - Chairman and Managing Director of Space Galactic Private Limited (India);
- Jiang Yanbin - Regional Public Association of Connoisseurs of Confucianism (Moscow), Club of Chinese Entrepreneurs in the Russian Federation;
- Milos Kovacevic - Assistant to the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia;
- Dabbas Mohamad - Vice-President of the Regional Public Fund "Support and Preservation of Spiritual Monuments", Syrian Arab Republic;
- Losin Sergey Alexandrovich - General Director of the Group of Production Companies "Lokoplanet Group";
- Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa - Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the Russian Federation;
- Maurice Okoli - representative of the Union of African Diasporas of Russia;
- Denis Smirnov - Senior Lecturer at the Higher School of Economics in the subject "Decentralized Finance and Payment Systems", blockchain consultant, author and lecturer of training courses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies in leading universities of the country.
Topics discussed on the summit agenda include:

"Cooperation and cooperation of sovereign states as a response to current challenges", "Digital technologies" as an integral part and a universal tool for ensuring sustainable development and solving problems in all sectors of the economy", "The need for a modern effective system of sustainable development indicators as a tool for assessing and prioritizing strategic goals and support measures", "Sovereign assessment system as a tool for strengthening the national digital currency", "Sustainable development parameters system as a catalyst for strengthening economic relations between the BRICS and CIS countries".
The summit participants supported and expressed their readiness for cooperation and joint implementation of the initiative and the project "Sustainable Development Parameters System" ("SDSD") as an international information and analytical digital platform using artificial intelligence and distributed registry technology based on the principles of a holistic approach to ensuring sustainable social - economic development of sovereign states, designed to synchronize, evaluate the effectiveness, manage and operationally control the implementation of federal, regional and municipal projects and programs in achieving the national goals of the BRICS and CIS countries.

As a result of the Summit, a Consortium Agreement was signed with the participation of the President of the ANO "International Alliance for Strategic Projects" BRICS "and the head of the organizing committee of the summit" BRICS-CIS SPUR "Zelentsova Larisa Nikolaevna, Executive Director
Russian-Chinese Research Center for the Digital Economy Mekhri Khikmetovich Aliev, and General Director of the Lokoplanet Group SPC Losin Sergey Mikhailovich.

Agreements were reached on signing cooperation agreements with interested friendly BRICS and CIS countries in order to create the "International System of Parameters for Sustainable Development" and to include the topic of discussion of the SDDS in the programs of events with the participation of the BRICS and CIS countries, including at the upcoming XIV BRICS Summit.
The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed confidence in the contribution of SPSD "in strengthening the partnership of the countries of association with the CIS countries, advancing the goals of the BRICS tasks", and also recommended that the initiative on systems of parameters of sustainable development ("SPSD") be submitted to the Russian Ministry of Economic Development.