The 1st International ART-residence of creative industries in Ulyanovsk: how it was
The main creative event of the spring was held in the region from 25 to 30 April. It was organized by ANO "Cluster of Creative Industries", the Center for Social Innovations and the Fund for Creative Technologies "Ulyanovsk - the Cultural Capital".
The 1st International Creative Industries ART Residency brought together young architects, artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, as well as novice IT and media professionals at its creative venues. Over 250 creative people from 22 regions of Russia and several foreign countries, including Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, Moldova, Great Britain, Spain, India, China and South Africa, came to Ulyanovsk to work in collaboration with leading industry experts.

One of the seven areas of the ART residence was architecture and urbanism: the regional curator was Dmitry Shatskov, moderator of the Center for Applied Urban Studies, and the chief expert was Mikhail Priyomyshev, an environmental architect, designer and head of architectural workshops (Cherepovets). The work of the direction began with a tour of the third building of the Kontaktor plant, on the basis of which it is planned to create a large creative cluster.

"We wanted not only to come up with a beautiful design and architecture, but to create a kind of space activity scenario that would help future residents understand how they could develop the site in the future. It was necessary to form a sustainable approach to the development of this territory, building a dialogue between the existing industrial direction and the new creative one. To begin with, we got acquainted with the space, assessed its potential. Later, during lectures and a practical workshop, we outlined points of growth and came to an understanding of how to act, "said Mikhail Priyomyshev, an expert in the architectural direction.

During the five days of the project, the Kino residence also worked actively: in addition to educational lectures and seminars held within the walls of the regional Film Fund, its participants had a lot of filming practice outside the main site.

"Our residents filmed a mini-documentary film about the creative businesses of the city, one of the seven key areas in which the International ART Residency worked. The film includes stories of representatives of light industry, such as the regional brand of women's clothing "Business Line", as well as Ulyanovsk artisans, in particular those who sit in the "Quarter". Among the participants of our residence there were both experienced guys and novice authors who had just entered the profession. I am sure that their communication and joint activities have yielded excellent results for everyone," said Vladimir Buchinsky, curator of the Cinema, Videography and Animation section of the 1st International Creative Industries ART Residence, Ulyanovsk film director.
While some were filming their first short films, others were working on unique IT projects: experienced experts from the Republic of Belarus, China and even India helped the residents of the IT and mobile development direction to create new digital products. One of these was the founder and creative director of the design agency "Odd Monk" Manvendra Singh (India).

"I think that organizing such events is a great initiative. They help creative people learn about new technologies and trends. I also believe that the creative community, in particular the IT community, has great potential for business development and the creation of new jobs. Therefore, it is necessary to support the younger generation in their endeavors. Perhaps in the future they will grow into something more, "said Manvendra Singh, an expert in the IT and mobile development direction.
Meanwhile, the residents of the Prometheus musical workshop, which settled in the Kvartal, were developing their own festival, and in their free time they jammed at sessions and played music with masters of the industry from Russia and South Africa. The multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, sound engineer and producer Yevgeny Kobylyansky, who acted as the leading expert in the musical direction, was among them.

"When you play with a person, you can fully appreciate his potential - at this moment, many things are heard especially clearly. I am impressed by the fact that Ulyanovsk musicians are striving for an alternative: they have a gravitation towards both folk and art rock. They do not try to be like popular pop stars, thereby maintaining their uniqueness. But you need to work with all of them: to explain what music consists of and how it is made, to show by examples how you can come to the originality of sound. Young musicians need to provide musical education on the basis of local universities or create their own media space at the regional level. Only after that they will be ready for the big stage," said Evgeny Kobylyansky, an expert in the Music and Sound Design direction.

In addition to a creative meeting with the Moscow guest, a number of lectures and master classes were also held for Ulyanovsk musicians.
Participants of the direction "Music and sound design" admitted that in the course of the work of the music workshop they managed to pump to the fullest.

"During these days, I talked with cool speakers: in real life, you will never meet them just like that, but here you have live communication and the opportunity to consult, get an assessment of your work. I didn't want to miss anyone, so I attended absolutely all events, listened to all the experts. Each of them spoke in great detail and interestingly about important things: singing, producing, organizing concerts. I never regret that I came to the ART residence - after all, I gained tremendous experience and made many useful contacts, "shared Grigory Baishchikov, a member of the Prometheus music workshop from the city of Izhevsk.

The final point of the 1st International ART Residency was the Festival of Creative Industries, where participants from all seven areas presented the results of their work on creative products. The program of the Festival also included the 1st Regional Craft Fair-Exhibition: it presented genuine leather goods, designer jewelry and handmade souvenirs. The program also included musical performances by Ulyanovsk bands and solo artists, fashion shows of new collections from leading designers in the region, master classes from well-known choreographic studios and the work of venues under social contracts.