Meet BRICS Art international project completed in Yekaterinburg
As part of the project, a 3D exhibition of works by 37 artists from the BRICS countries was organized, as well as 10 weekly thematic online meetings of artists, gallery owners, and art historians from the countries of the alliance. The project lasted more than three months, from January 18 to April 30. The opportunity to hold events appeared thanks to grant support from the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.
The virtual exposition of the exhibition consisted of more than 170 original and diverse works of masters from all countries of the alliance. These are works made in different genres, techniques and styles, which gave visitors the opportunity to get a new aesthetic experience and feel the national characteristics in the works of artists from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Works were presented, painted not only with traditional paints, but also made from extraordinary materials, for example, made of metal, woven from wool and linen, and even executed using coffee on paper. The main part of the exhibition was made up of works by Ural painters, members of the Sverdlovsk branch of the Union of Artists of Russia. Since the opening of the 3D exhibition, more than 1,200 visitors have viewed the artists' work.

As part of the Meet BRICS Art project, 10 thematic online meetings were held at which they discussed important issues that contemporary art is facing today. Representatives from different countries discussed the influence of public taste on the work of artists, design and art in urban space, young artists of the 21st century and their world view. They touched upon the topics of neo-traditionalism as the basis of art in the BRICS countries, conceptual and professional art, modern animation and promotion in the digital space, and many other topical issues. The last meeting was devoted to discussing the prospects for interaction between the artists of the countries of the alliance. All meetings evoked a lively response from the audience, representatives of different countries visited the online broadcast, and more than 1,500 people watched the video recordings of the events.
"We are pleased that the project has aroused interest among artists and visitors from different countries. Our participants speak different languages, but art helps us all to better understand each other, points out our dissimilarity and provides new points for development. Thanks to the personal acquaintance of the artists with each other, the ideas of organizing new projects in several countries appeared," comments Anna Kurumchina, director of the Agency for Cultural and Scientific Diplomacy.

The project was initiated by the non-profit organization "Agency for Cultural and Scientific Diplomacy" and was supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Union of Artists of the Sverdlovsk Region.
Information about the organizer

ANO "Agency for Cultural and Scientific Diplomacy" is a non-profit organization founded in 2020. The mission of the Agency is to bring Russia and the world closer together through culture, to help people enjoy beauty and cultural diversity, to connect authors with new audiences, to train administrators in new practices, to inspire young people to work in the field of culture.

The Agency's activities are aimed at developing a strategic approach to international cultural relations, including through the use of digital diplomacy. Among the main tasks are the organization of cultural, informational and educational events in Russia and abroad, conducting trainings on global cultural leadership, supporting and developing a network of communities of practitioners of cultural diplomacy, organizing educational and cultural exchanges.