International Beauty and Talent Contest "Neva Beauty"
In the northern capital of St. Petersburg, from September 5 to 13, the international beauty and talent contest "Neva Beauty" was held for the 7th time. 9 very busy and bright days flew by like a moment. The competition program included many events: a photo shoot in hats by the famous designer Anna Mikhailova, a folklore festival with various treats and performances, tourist trips to Kronstadt and beautiful Peterhof, and much more. Among the finalists were wonderful girls from different parts of our country and neighboring countries. There were also several girls with SMA (spiral muscular atrophy), which speaks of purposefulness, self-confidence and incredible love of life, despite a difficult diagnosis. The final of the competition took place on September 13 in the public space SreDa, right in the center of the city. Among the winners of Belgorodka Karachevtseva Nadezhda, who took the crown in the category of Lady Overcoming and the Audience Award. Here it is, the true criterion. All winners, despite health problems, and they all move in wheelchairs, bright, smart and charming girls who just shone from the stage, lighting up everything around. We admire and are proud! Well done!
You can watch the broadcast: the beauty of endless possibilities at the link.