Salekhard has prepared a public environmental inspectors
In Salekhard participants of the project, trained in "School of public environmental inspectors", were awarded Certificates . This event was attended by public figures from the cities and districts of Yamal. This is an educational project of the All-Russian People's Front in the field of environmental protection, which involves a number of free seminars aimed at the formation of the correct and effective use of the Institute of public environmental inspectors.

Webinars are held to attract active citizens to participate in public environmental control. They are trained in the basics of public administration in the field of ecology, the rules of public environmental control and interaction with public authorities, including law enforcement agencies.

Classes are conducted by experts of the All-Russian People's Front, deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation etc. Social activists were able to increase the level of literacy in the field of environmental legal relations. As a result of the project, according to the Executive Director of Yamal Union of Reindeer Herders Timur Akchurin, the number of cases of timely detection of environmental offenses, as well as the effectiveness of measures aimed at the suppression and prevention of offenses in the field of environmental protection will increase.