Meeting in the Centre "Hope", Novosibirsk
On October 26, 2018 in Novosibirsk there was a meeting of the Director of the Department of Culture of
Interregional Public Charitable Organization of Assistance to Persons with Disabilities "SAIL of HOPE"
Grigory Gaponov with the Director of the Municipal Budget Institution of the city of Novosibirsk "Center
for Rehabilitation of children and adolescents with disabilities "HOPE" Irina Proskuryakova, the staff of
the institution and children with disabilities.
During the meeting Irina told about the activities of the Center, problems and challenges facing the staff
of the Center, conducted a tour, acquainted with the creative Studio and crafts of children. There were
discussed possible joint projects in 2019 – 2020 In turn, on behalf of "SAIL of HOPE" Grigory presented
colorful albums on art to the library of the Center that will help children to gain aesthetic experience
and expand their knowledge of the history of art.
For reference:
"HOPE" Center is engaged in the following activities:
- social and pedagogical consulting;
– socio-pedagogical diagnostics and the examination of an individual;
- pedagogical correction
- animation services (excursions, visits to theaters, exhibitions, amateur concerts, holidays, anniversaries
and other cultural events);
- organization and holding of club and circle work for the formation and development of children's
interests (creative activity, fine arts, theatrical activity);
- training of parents of children with disabilities, including children with disabilities, the base of their
rehabilitation at home;
- assistance in the education of persons with disabilities, taking into account their physical and mental
- creation of conditions for pre-school education of children and special education programs;
- creation of conditions for school education under special programs.