Exhibition of masterpieces of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso in Dalian, China
Currently, there is increased interaction and strengthening of cultural and educational ties between the major BRICS countries, Russia and China. These processes are of great importance for the development of civil society of the BRICS Group and solution of key issues of global politics by the international community.

Within four years, the Russian and the Chinese sides were preparing a unique exhibition project: an exhibition of sculptures, drawings and ceramics of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso ceramics in the city of Dalian (Liaoning Province, China).

From Russia to China there were delivered more than 250 exhibits of two Spanish geniuses from the Russian private collection of Alexander Shadrin. Chinese audiences were presented with both the most famous images of Dali: melting clock, a woman in a fire, burning giraffe, — and known to the general public Picasso ceramics, which he sculpted at a mature age. In the central hall there is screening of two videos about the work of Dali and Picasso, in which a passion for Russian women (both had Russian wives), love for their native Spain and unrestrained desire for everything new are woven together.

A multipurpose room of Dalian International Convention Center, located in the center of Dalian city, was chosen for the exhibition. This room was not chosen by chance. In addition to an extensive exhibition area in the Convention center there are all possibilities for negotiations as roundtables and conferences with many participants.

One of the key features of the exhibition is acquaintance of the international community with the creative achievements of high culture and a discussion of new, promising directions of further cooperation.

During the visit to Dalian there were held negotiations with the representatives of public authorities and Chinese business community, including the Vice Mayor of Dalian Wang Hong Zhunom.

Dalian was founded in 1898 by the Russians and had the name Dalniy.
The Russian Empire has spent 30 mln. Rubles in gold for the construction of the city.
It is about 11.5 billion. Russian rubles in current prices.
The construction took 7 years.