53rd session of the Commission for Social Development of the United Nations (CSocD53)

"Rethinking and strengthening social development in the contemporary world".

February 6, 2015 Conference Room A 3:00-4:30 p.m.

Organizers: Interregional Union of Life Help "Sail of Hope"

International Council on Social Welfare


RUSSIA: Creating an Inclusive Society


  1. Sergei Zelenev, Executive Director of the International Council on Social Welfare. «The Social Protection Floor: а policy goal for inclusive society»
  2. Vladimir Kornilovich, candidate of social sciences, deputy Chair of research division of educational-research center of Moscow Federation of Trade Unions "Social strategizing in solving problems of long-term social development"
  3. Marina Brilka, Director of Youth' Initiatives Department, "Sail of Hope" (Irkutsk) "Innovative development as one of the main directions of the social-economic strategy of Russia"
  4. Yury Alekseev, President of non-commercial Interregional Center of promotion of labor resources' and territories' development "OPTIMA-PROJECT" (Moscow) "Nature of money and its circulation in economy: the ways of balanced social development of territories"
  5. Elena Antipina, Director "Creative laboratory "Presentation", expert of International Assembly of capitals and big cities "System of marketing territories as basis for long-term sustainable development of regions and effective site for impact investing"
  6. Gregory Pototskiy, sculptor, artist, president of International Academy of Kindness. The author of charitable program «In Russia kindly. From Russia with kindness. » "Kindness"
  7. Aleksander Egorov, teacher of choreography, author of the project «Samoplyas» «Social innovations in development of cultural traditions».

Details of the Event: The gradual increase in attention to the interests of the individual as an object of national policies in various fields led to the adoption of the Copenhagen Declaration of the United Nations on Social Development (1995), which declared the care of people as a basic condition for sustainable development. The central concept of the new approach to the social structure is social integration, the aim of which is creation "an inclusive society". Investing in social innovations. Impact investing. Balanced social development of the territories

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