Final declaration of the international conference
"Civil society and international partnership in education, science, culture, ecology and business of BRICS countries"

November, 13-14th, 2013, Moscow

Having discussed the broad audience of the questions, concerning the international partnership in the field of education, culture, ecology and business of BRICS countries,

Understanding the importance of participation of civil society in creation of effective mechanisms of realization of the Millennium Development Goals,

Considering global challenges and problems of the present constraining formation of united international platform for constructive interoperability of NGOs and national governments of BRICS countries,

Accepting all-important role of young generation in achievement of the declared objectives of progress of BRICS countries till 2015 and subsequent periods,

Showing concern by increasing negative drug addict tendency of children and youth, involvement of minor children in illegal acts,

Declaring strong condemnation of propagation of violence, slavery, terrorism, humiliation of human dignity in all forms of expression,

Approving efforts of Federal Republic of Brazil, Russian Federation, Republic of India, Peoples Republic of China, Republic of South Africa on strengthening the role of BRICS in international system based on the universal approach of the general solidarity and cooperation with all people and countries, escalating collaboration with regional, public, youth and religious organizations,

Emphasizing commitment to teamwork with a view of development and strengthening of new methods and approaches in international relations of BRICS countries,

Confirming readiness to work together with the National, Regional, Public, Youth, Religious organizations, concentrating on realizations of decisions of Etekvin Declaration and Etekvin Plan of Actions regarding the savings and development of human capital with a view of national features of BRICS countries,

Expressing firm intention to achieve positive, tangible, specific results in realization of historical decisions of the Fifth Summit of BRICS countries in New Areas of Cooperation for Studying, being based on the international rule of law,


1. To strengthen the role of civil society (CivilBRICS) in social-cultural and economic integration of BRICS countries.

With this objective:

— to make offers in governmental bodies of BRICS states (Ministries of Foreign Affairs) on formation of the initiative of involving civil society of BRICS states in solution of problems of social-cultural and economic integration of the states, development of civil institutions and strengthening the role of civil society in increase of level and quality of life of the population – CivilBRICS Initiative, further CivilBRICS;

— for organizers of the Conference up to 01.01.2014 — to generate the Working Group for development of base conditions, principles of creation and mechanisms of activity of international alliance CivilBRICS.

— to address the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of BRICS countries with the request to define the authorized structure (employee) for the organization of interoperability with international alliance CivilBRICS.

2. To address the Heads of the States, National and Regional governments with request to consider the possibility of discussion of the offer of the project of the UNIVERSAL International Concept of preventive maintenance of drug addict and offences among minors and youth of BRICS countries, establishment of the International Commissioner for Protection of Child Rights in BRICS countries.

3. To take active part in development of transcultural and social communications of BRICS countries, to participate in development of the state youth policy.

With this objective:

— for participants of CivilBRICS — to develop programs of carrying out periodic actions (competitions, festivals, exhibitions, forums) in various fields of culture and art in cities and regions of BRICS states;

— for Secretariat of CivilBRICS — to prepare proposals on formation of working group of representatives of high schools of BRICS countries with a view of creation of social network of BRICS universities;

— to allocate development of youth and student's cognitive and educational tourism in a separate direction of work of CivilBRICS.

4. To consider work on solution of problems of ecology and introduction health-technologies one of the main tasks of CivilBRICS.

With this objective:

— to set up special annua conference, devoted to the solution of problems of protection and strengthening of health of a person and preservation of environment;

— carrying out International competition on the best advertising of healthy way of life, counteraction to the negative social phenomena (drugs, alcoholism, violence) in BRICS countries' mass-media;

— together with the United Nations Agencies to develop criteria of an assessment of ecological condition of cities, to generate the mechanism of preparation of rating of cities of BRICS countries on cleanliness and ecological compatibility;

— to hand challenge pennant "The greenest city" during annual conference.

— to transfer the right to organize a conference to BRICS' cities, which received the status of the most ecological and clean city in the year preceding the conference;

— to create a base of new technologies for treatment of serious diseases, health-technilogies, developped in BRICS countries, to facilitate exchange of these technologies between our countries.

5. To strengthen the role of CivilBRICS in development of business, private-state enterprise and education of the social responsibility of business.

With this objective:

— to establish special «CivilBRICS AWARD» in the following categories:

«The Best Businessman of the Year»

«The Best Social Project of the Year»

«The Best Project of Private-State Enterprise of the Year»

«The Best Tourist Project of the Year»

«The Best Integration Project of the Year»

The quantity and branch orientation of the Award can be changed according to initiatives of national partners-participants of CivilBRICS.

6. For CivilBRICS — to assist development of scientific and educational potential of BRICS countries

With this objective:

— to define formation of economy of the knowledge, new infocommunication space based on principles of information security and protection of the rights of citizens on immunity of the personal information as strategic directions of CivilBRICS' activity;

— to generate the projects aimed at liquidation of digital and information inequality of the population;

— to propose formation of joint projects on creation of network of centers of technological exchange and commercialization of technologies of BRICS' universities to UNESCO, UNIDO .