Federal target program "Pure water"
The information on the Russian Federal Program.

"The problem of providing the population with qualitative potable water is designated in the Federal target program «Pure water». It is called up to stimulate creation of rational projects in area of water use, and, in a regional context. It will be realized during 2011-2017. Its financing is already laid in the federal budget, and within first three years it will make not dramatic, but all the same the appreciable sum with which it is possible to work, –Rbls. 9 billion".

The Decree on acceptance of the program «Pure water» was published in November, 2010. The Project «Pure water» includes federal, state, municipal and regional programs.

The program «Pure water» 2011-2015 is aimed, first of all, at providing such establishments, as hospitals, kindergartens, polyclinics, educational establishments, etc. with qualitative water.

This is the primary goal of the target program «Pure water» — a guarantee of health of the population of the country, — therefore a lot of attention is given to their realization.

The assessment of efficiency and productivity of the Program will be made according to the target parameters of the Program determined by the Federal target program "Pure water"' for 2010-2017.

The target program «Pure water for Moscow region»

Minister of construction complex and housing and municipal economy Herman Eljanushkin has presented the long-term target program «Pure water for Moscow region» for 2013-2020 at the session of the government.

The program will become a basis for development of water supply system of Moscow area. There was allocated Rbls. 1117200,25 thousand from the regional budget for realization of the program . Basically it will be financed from extra-budget sources. Actions of the program are aimed at the guaranteed providing of the population of Moscow area with pure potable water and improvement of quality of sewage treatment, first of all, by means of construction and reconstruction of water-intaking units, replacement of engineering networks.