Project: Water: for life and against disability
According to forecasts, not less than 40 % of residents of the Earth will live in conditions of deficiency of water in 15 years.

Russia takes the second place in the world (after Brazil) on stocks of fresh water. But today each second resident of the country is compelled to use the water mismatching sanitary-and-hygienic requirements for drink. And 22 % of the population has no access to the centralized sources of water supply! It inevitably leads to illness of the population.

The prevalence of disability is about 15-18% of the population in the world and it is strongly associated with poverty. Disability and poverty form a vicious cycle — disability leads to poverty, and poverty creates the conditions that generate more disability. Disability also impacts on entire families' labor force, participation and schooling; therefore failing to address the barriers they face to escape decrease of living standards, seriously undermines the effectiveness of struggle against disability.

The Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has called up the governments, the civil society and the world community to work together with disabled people, having told, that their participation is essential for achievement of inclusive and sustainable progress all over the world.

Disability must be part of a post-2015 development framework

  • exchange of experiences, best practices, as well as sharing appropriate environmentally sound technologies and know-how;
  • uniting efforts in struggle against disability thus for poverty and hunger eradication;
  • use of water resources for public health, agriculture
  • proposal of including disability as part of a post-2015 development framework.