The spiritually-educational block
1 ."The Holy water"'. Water in all religions is the intermediary between the Person and the God. Water — the Image of repentance and clarification of people. Ablution in water is in each religion. In each of us there is a particle of protogenic ocean and in children of a rain it is, they are able to pay in love and gratitude. THE HOLY WATER (film ' the Great secret of water ') tells that two words «love and gratitude» are two words which clean water most of all according to scientists' research.

«The rainbow in work of poets » Is secret in знаменье heavens,

Also I trust, rainbows — a precept

To the sister-ground, the native sky

Благовестительный hi. P.Vjazemsky

2. Water in work of poets and writers.

« Should be at each person there is happy time of opening. Happens and I have one such summer it is opened

« Should be at each person there is happy time of opening. There Was and I have one such summer of opening in a woody and meadow side of Average Russia — summer, plentiful thunder-storms and rainbows ». « Poetry of a rain » K.Paustovsky

Russian writer Sergey Timofeevich Aksakov « Water — beauty of all nature »

4. The art-therapy

1. Game-therapy Rraces on water (on shoaliness). A holiday on water. Competition for relatives «The best script «Holiday on water» Master-class — photoshop, manufacturing of presentations and rollers of social advertising on subject matter «Water» with participation of «special» actors.

2. Fairy tale-therapy. Russian national fairy tales and fairy tales of nations of the world where water is the protagonist or helps heroes (theater, video-clips) are used.