RUSSIA. Water: for life and against disability
14 June Venue T-10 RioCentro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The program of humanization of Russian-speaking world's population «Pilgrim- Rainman» is directed to promotion of Russian culture and language in Latvia through actions aimed at change of the attitude of society towards handicapped people. Carrying out of thematic actions in Russian gives not only practice of business dialogue in language of the historical native land, but also implements the task of change of the opinion on new social policy of our State in the world community to the best.

According to world statistics, 5 % of the people on the Earth have limited intellectual possibilities. Humanization of public relations assumes availability of special attention to the least protected members of society.

The culture unites, lack of culture separates, including ignorance and misunderstanding of own national culture, traditions, historical heritage and features of development of people of different social categories. The attitude to people with the limited intellectual possibilities is litmus of any country and people, reflects cultural spiritual-moral valuables of generation. Language of dialogue is the main adaptable mechanism of person in this world. Training of the native language is a sacred duty of parents. Scientific researches in fact have proved, that a child is born with readiness to think and speak in language of the parents. Otherwise cogitative activity is hampered and, as consequence, backlog in intellectual progress occurs. People quickly lose colloquial skills without alive dialogue with others in the native language. Constructive dialogue with adherents in socially meaningful actions helps to support skills and revives communication with the historical native land. Trustfulness and unquenchable thirst of dialogue, bent for people, desire though somehow to share heat and love to the people, peculiar to mentally handicapped people, is unique inherently. People with severe mental handicap neatly duplicate the world in which they live.

The innovative importance of the project consists in idea of use of new forms of socialization of people with mental handicaps for promotion of Russian language. «Special» people will bear a kind message about Russia within the limits of the program together with members of family. People with special development, carrying out a role of peacemakers, act as national diplomats, thus dialogue with them induces people of other country to speak Russian. They are capable to work and bring actual advantage in conditions specially created for them. During ancient times for reconciliation of the quarrelled people they used divine people — «foolishes». People trusted the divine person, and tried to call in its house, especially, if there was a trouble. The movement of Opened Public Care of orphans and poor was born in Russia in 19th century and prospered. Truly, Russia was a believer, and it was necessary to explain nobody, that poor means – "they were educated by God", they learned the God's Law, Russian, histories, geography, natural sciences, church singing and life skills. Our mentally handicapped brother lived in Russia in human way at that time, was much able to do and was necessary to people.

The program of humanization of the Russian-speaking world «Pilgrim – Rainman» revives these traditions. Since 20th years of the last century it has been much done in our country for that people with severe mental handicap did not impede to live. Psychoneurological boarding schools became a dump of human destinies , an embodiment of our indifference to destiny of mentally handicapped person. Till now we put a brand "psychiatric ill" on a mentally handicapped person. Defectologists divide them into «educable» and «non-educable», suitable only for care. The «educable» if "they badly behave themselves ", especially who remained without care of parents are put in those internats. In fascist Germany such people was destroyed physically. In Russia they have being almost with 80 years morally. It is xenofobia. Till now, when people with mental problems are crossed with healthy people, they are met with the fastidious, scornful attitude.

Pity or surprise of associates at meeting with mentally handicapped person assists that relatives start to hide him from extraneous eyes: not to appear with them in public places, thus have more assisting social «desadaptation».

Combined efforts of different colleges of a civil society of Russia are necessary for revival of «the Golden Age of charity and care in Russia». Successes of the Russian experts-enthusiasts from NGOs and church social services of Russia work on positive image of our country. National diplomacy with participation of handicapped persons will rehabilitate new social policy of Russia in opinion of the international public.

The modern science has come to interesting conclusions. Allocated by scientists «the gene of genius» goes near to «a gene of schizophrenia ». In industrialized countries today it is prestigious to bring up the future geniuses-autists and to help them to adapt to the surrounding reality. With this, people with many diseases, can be mentally handicapped and at the same time possess phenomenal memory and unique capacities. Stallone's son-in-law Kim Peak suffers from autism, but thus possesses uncommon capacities and declares itself, as about the serious scientist at once in several scientific areas — mathematics, history, literature, physics. He has become the prototype of the protagonist Oscar film "The Rainman"', it has become the Hollywood classics. The world statistics is not consolatory. The globe slowly, but truly is occupied by the people who are not entered norm. Many people of former socialist camp have severe difficulties in dialogue with world around and mental handicaps due to variation of political building, economic crisis, military conflicts, compelled labor migrations have severe difficulties in dialogue with world around and mental infringements.

«Idiots! Yes, in fact they are idiots only for us ,not for themselves and not for the God. Their spirit is growing by their way, may be, we, wise, shall appear worse idiots » (Prelate John Zatvornik).

Acquisition of social experience is the important condition of progress of mentally handicapped people. The international national diplomacy with participation of persons with disabilities can become the effective tool for promotion of Russian language. As the experience of Interregional Union of Life Help for Mentally Handicapped Persons " Sail of Hope» ( having the Special consultative status with Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, being member of Inclusion International (ILSMH), of All- World Alliance for Civil Partnership (CIVICUS shows), that this direction attracts the attention of the world community and induces to invite its experts to the most status actions.

The program of humanization of the Russian-speaking world « Pilgrim- Rainman» offers different forms of development of Russian language and acquaintance to the Russian culture for the compatriots living in Latvia. The Republic of Latvia was a crossroads of history on a way to Russia for many centuries. 20 more years back more than 80 % of the population freely knew Russian. Today the youth of Latvia learns English language, instead of Russian. All actions of the program and even church services owing to partners of the program will be spent in Russian. Basically volunteers, representatives of different faiths which have skills of benevolent dialogue with this social category, work with mentally handicapped people. Partners of the program in Moscow are «The Society of Friends of Latvia», Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Augsburg confession (Russia) and members of different faiths and societies in Russia and Latvia.

Program actions include visiting churches in Russia and Latvia: Orthodox, Old believe, Catholic, Lutheran temples. Information support in Latvia is presented by Paul Levushkan (Latvia), the owner of the largest in Baltic Internet-portal Invitations for meetings and church services in Russian, devoted to arrival of «special» national diplomats from Russia, will be constantly placed on this portal. Spiritually-religious traditions waken the personality, shape primordial concepts traditional for every nation about good and harm. National diplomacy gives the durable basis for formation of moral values of a new humane century, bears in itself the certificate of mercy, involves new partners in the different countries.

New adaptable technologies for persons with mental handicap where possibilities of Russian language, songs, dance, cultural-religious traditions are actively applied, are used in the program, namely:

— Therapy by Russian song (lullabies of a song, spiritual church chanting, modern Russian variety and author's songs). Participants of the program with mental handicap prepare concert program, song program for the friends in Latvia and present new friends with disks with Russian songs.

— Image-therapy of a national suit of Russia and Latvia (the master-class of manufacturing of elements of a suit), the story with video presentation on history of a suit, defile.

— Dancing therapy on the basis of Russian national dance. « A streamlet of Friendship ».

There is a development of the individual plan of rehabilitation of each family and, considering physical and material possibilities, the route of small groups on following adaptable technologies is developed within the limits of the program:

— The excursion program — visiting of places of intersection of history with Russia

— A therapeutic practice — dialogue with animals. Participation of Russian-speaking farmers of Latvia (Latgaly, families which have Russian roots or were trained in Russia) in program is coordinated . Visiting horse farms, milking of cows, feeding of poultry and calf are planned.

— Technics of joint work with members of family. Families prepare simple improvised Russian-Latvian phrase-book for a trip (thematic pictures of «special» people, a collage on history of Russia or protection of ecology).

— Participation in Festival of creativity of handicapped people «The Rainpeople» ( photo, picture, theater, social advertising)

— Competition for relatives «The Best script «Holiday on water» Master-class — photoshop, manufacturing of presentations and rollers of social advertising on subject «Water» with participation of «special» actors.

Due to resources of families of participants and partners from church communities of Russia the gift library fund is shaped in Russian language: positive materials of joint centuries-old history of Russia and people of Latvia, books, video- and audiofilms, textbooks, songs and cartoon films. For experts — counterparts from Latvia — library of the methodical literature on rehabilitation of persons with mental problems. Within the frames of the program partners from Latvia will be awarded Diplomas and Letters of Thanks of partners from Russia as active participants of affairs of mercy.

The program includes section of the adaptable technologies shaping new concepts about yourself, about world around and basis of orientation in an environment. The direction is developed within the limits of preparation of participation of Interregional Union of Life Help for Mentally Handicapped Persons "Sail of Hope" in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development which is to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June, 2012 where leaders of the world community will gather, in twenty years after historical meeting at the summit «Planet the Earth» in 1992 in Rio. The voice of «The Rainpeople" will sound at this Conference, as the voice of Russia, because "Sail of Hope" is the full representative of our country. Some sub-programs for human rights on safe and pure potable water and world suitable for life were worked out in the frames of the program "The Rainpeople", developed according to world tendencies of the actions which have been directed on the careful attitude to water resources of world collective ecology.

It is new communicative experience for members of families. Families participate in ecological trainings, campaigns, master-classes in view of features of development and physical possibilities. Everyone try forces in photo-and video shooting on subjects «Water, nature, a person », visit interactive lessons «On a visit at hygiene — water procedures ». The module «Sacred water"' will reveal a secret about christening and blessing of water. Water in all religions is the intermediary between the person and the God. Water — the Image of repentance and clarification of people. Ablution in water is in each religion. In each of us there is a particle of protogenic ocean and it's available in Rainchildren too, they are able to pay in love and gratitude. Watching videofilm «SACRED WATER» — ' Great secret of water ' (it is made on blessing Patriarch Kyrill) and other films and cartoon films of the same subjects will be organized. Participants of the program are families with severely handicapped people: mental handicap, hydrocephaly, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism — from Moscow region and other regions, Latvia and other countries. At the first stage selection of families for participation in the program passes. Those who try to bear adequately the cross with highly lifted head are invited to participation. The program is aimed at improvement of quality of their life. Acquisition of social experience is the important condition of progress of mentally handicapped people. Handicapped People are capable to work in specially created for them conditions. These peoples are capable to protect us from direct radiation of harm and hatred, only while there are not enough people on the Earth who well understands that. People learn all force of adequate love to the nature, to the person, to the God through those who is considered defective. It is not necessary to hide them from other people. "My force is made in feebleness", — the Christ bequeathed to us.

As public diplomats, handicapped people shape a positive image of Russia in the program of humanization of the Russian-speaking world "Piligrim-Rainman"