The BRICS Alliance delegation has participated in the celebration of the Russian Days in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Russian Days in THE Kingdom of Bahrain

It is a multi-branch international event indicating a new stage of efficient bilateral cooperation between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Russian Federation as the active trade partner. The Russian Days in the Kingdom of Bahrain is a unique platform for the marketing of both countries and an important mechanism able to provide not only the development of friendly inter-state relations, but also the joint commodity circulation.

The event is carried out with the support of Bahrain government.


· To present both counties from the cultural and business points of view

· To present the investment capacity of Bahrain and to launch a new business dialogue against the background of the latest geopolitical events

· To establish the strong economic and trade relations between Bahrain and Russia, a special attention shall be paid to the forms of industrial, agricultural, and investment cooperation between the enterprises of two countries

· To increase the number of joint business projects

· To enhance the inter-regional r2r (region2region) cooperation – a very relevant and highly demanded format of interaction between the authorities and business structures of foreign states and separate regions of the Russia Federation


· The members of the royal family of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the members of the governments of two countries

· The representatives of government agencies: the governorship of the capital region of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the heads of the republics of the RF, and the Ministers

· The representatives of the business elite and entrepreneurs: the major financial organizations, industrial enterprises, food companies, etc.

· The representatives of mercantile communities and industrial associations (Roscongress, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the RF, the CCI of regions of the RF, Business Council Russia-Bahrain, Russian-Arabian Business Council, Bahrain Economic Development Board, Bahrain Investors Center, Сhamber of Commerce of Bahrain, Bahrain Exhibition & Convention Authority, Bahrain Business women's society, etc.)

· The economists, analysts, representatives of academia, universities, mass media (the Publishing House Kommersant, Russia Today, Gulf Daily News, etc.), celebrities, and sportsmen


Official part

· The Joint Council Meeting, the speeches of the members of the governments, signing of political/economic/cultural agreements

· The presentation of the braches of economy, investment capacity of Bahrain, economically advantageous conditions for the foreign business and tax/law/ procedural privileges

· The presentation of the investment projects of the RF, Russian regions and export opportunities

Business forum

· The round tables on the key issues of establishment of constant trade relations between the countries: the financial mechanisms of the state sector support, the development of cooperation between the small and medium-size business of two countries, the improvement of mechanisms of transfer of innovations and technologies taking into account the beast practices of two countries, the development of suggestions facilitating the companies access to the markets of Bahrain and vice versa, the special economic zones of Bahrain and Russia, the Russian clusters and technological parks, the development of Islamic banking in Russia, the strategic geographical position of Bahrain – a kind of "gates" to the Arab Gulf, which allow using the country as the base for the products distribution to the regions of middle East and South-Eastern Asia.

· The meetings of the work groups of the braches of industry with the key speakers (the raw material extraction and processing, energy, heavy industry and machine building, IT-technologies, consumer goods industry and market, agriculture complex, agriculture and food industry, tourism, military and technical cooperation, etc.)

· The specialized seminars

· The business contacts exchange, bilateral b2b meetings

· The final press-conference at the final meeting with the leading business media of the RF and Bahrain.
At the Forum

· The visits to the industrial enterprises of Bahrain (oil, shipbuilding, aluminum), touristic spots

· The presentation of a guide to Bahrain in Russian, a Russia-Arab financial dictionary

Cultural program

· The performances of the Russian stars of opera and ballets (the sole performers of Mariinsky Theater), musicians (pianist Yuri Romuz, folklore musicians – balalaika player Alexei Arkhipovsky, Grand Quartet), a concern of symphony orchestra of Bahrain in cooperation with the Russian sole performers, the performances of the best national dance ensembles and chores with a program of dances and songs of different nationalities of Russia

· A poetic evening dedicated to A.S. Pushkin, and exposition of the poet's manuscripts and personal possessions

· An exhibition of contemporary art of the Muslim regions of Russia (Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Crimea, regions of Caucasus)

· A photo exhibition dedicated to Russia, an evening of Russian movie, a fashion show of collections of Muslim designers of Russia

· A workshop by a well-known Russian restaurateur

· The presentation of World Cup 2018 as a part of friendship match between the national team of Bahrain and the football club Zenit