Other Dimensions:
New Names in Modern Painting
On November 20, 2019 the official ceremony of opening of the Other Dimensions exhibition of the artist Erik Makkill and the presentation of his catalogue consisting of 20 paintings took place in the Art Plaza Hall of the Art Deco Museum (Moscow). During the evening more than 80 connoisseurs of art from 17 countries around the world were surrounded with the atmosphere of warm hospitality and comfort.

The BRICS Alliance which is the international platform uniting the interests of the public authorities, business and scientific communities, cultural and art figures, as well as representatives of civil society, acted as the exhibition contractor. During the official ceremony the well-known Russian academic, cultural and art figures made speeches.

The Russian singer Ksenia Devi and the violinist Ana Agre (Germany – Israel) brought many positive emotions to the event visitors with their performance.

The host, who was the Vice President of the BRICS Alliance Alexander G. Savoysky, introduced Erik Makkill, the author of the paintings, the mystic and landscape painter, master of still life and creator of the new painting movement, to the public.

At the age of thirty, while experimenting in order to develop his own artistic style, he created a new comprehensive paining movement and called it Linism. It is mainly about the items shown at the painting (and sometimes background as well) being depicted with specifically intertangled lines of various shapes and types. The configuration most preferred by the artist is the chain of various shapes and sizes, which is the connection between the time and space circumstances. In 2019 the Moscow artist Erik Makkill was elected as the Member of the International Academy of Spiritual Unity and Collaboration of the Peoples of the World. The author's paintings characterize the interaction of the elementary particles which eventually provide the depth of presentation and completeness in the locked space, although their deeper meaning will forever be known by the creator only.

When creating his paintings Erik Makkill uses common materials: medium-sized fiberboards of art quality, oil and brushes. This is the choice of the artist who works towards his creations in linism being above the norms of modern painting.

After the introduction of the artist and his creations, the host called on the author of the paintings. Makkill in his characteristically clear and understandable manner told the public about the origin of the new artistic movement, which was linism, and about the history of creation of several paintings. Then he delightedly answered the visitors' questions.

Afterwards the greeting of Larisa N. Zelentsova, President of the BRICS Alliance, was read out. She addressed the visitors and placed the emphasis on "the art objects being divided into groups and movements forming the united treasury of the world cultural heritage for the current and future generations" and on "the contribution of every inhabitant of the planet to the world cultural heritage being priceless", and also congratulated the present on the opening of the exhibition and wished the artist further creative success.

The speech of the First Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Artem I. Kalabukhov on behalf of the Sherpa of Russia in BRICS, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey A. Ryabkov was full of optimism regarding the further efforts integration of the representatives of the BRICS countries during the Chairmanship of Russia in this Alliance of the Countries of the World (2020 – 2021); according to them, the world society should expect "new fascinating initiatives like today's event", because it was "humanitarian cooperation within the framework of BRICS that united people".

The Honored Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Valeriy I. Perfilev, who had written the review of Erik Makkill's catalogue, focused the attention of the visitors on the requirement of creating bridges between the representatives of various countries and social classes. The Honored Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Alexey P. Parfenov stated that "the importance of revealing the creative potential of the person was undeniable, because the art created the cultural background for the processes of social existence". The Member of the Russian Academy of Education Suheil Farah pointed out that "the high culture is necessary for our civilizations, because the true redemption is possible only due to it".

The Vice President of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Ildar R. Utyamyshev pointed out that "the artist was working in a very original unusual genre and had great potential; he was going to please us and unite people speaking different languages, practicing different religions and having various political opinions".

The President of the International Exhibition Center "Sokolniki", Director of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy Alexey Iu. Shaburov admiringly stated that "this style was unique; seeing something never seen before is always great".

The Councilor to the Director of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy Ludmila I. Kulanina wished the artist to create attractive paintings and running bright exhibitions.

The honored guests of the art exhibitions were the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadors Ngo Duc Manh (Vietnam), Steve Davies Ugbah (Nigeria), Enrique Juan Delgado Genta (Uruguay), Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy of Tunisia Mohamed Hedi L'tifi; the authorized representatives of the diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Germany, Zambia, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Thailand, Czech Republic and Chili; the Director of the Cultural Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Tatyana A. Shirokova, the Honored Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Grigoriy A. Gaponov and others.

The partners of the event were the Interregional Charity Organization "Sail of Hope", "Gaponov Art", the Fashion House of Nina Ruchkina with the "Russians in Fashion", "Shatsky Catering", Confael Chocolate Factory, "Planeta Aqua" company (Moscow representation of the "Mercury" Group of Companies), etc., The KristinasBakery Confectionery company pleasantly surprised the guests of the vernissage with an original cake depicting The Universe Mysteries – The Universal Intelligence and The Self Portrait paintings by Erik Makkill.

The Art for All magazine acted as the informational partner of the social and cultural event.

The catalogue of paintings by Erik Makkill was gifted to the President of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab K. Tsereteli.

The artistic creations of Erik Makkill have all rights to existence and development along with the creations of other artists. He brought the new impulse to painting, which is called Linism. The artist is planning to run the exhibitions of his paintings in foreign countries in 2020 in order to promote the new movement of painting.

Dr. Alexander G. Savoysky,

Vice President of the BRICS Alliance

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