Russian projects to combat homelessness presented at the UN

Russian projects to combat homelessness presented at the UN

It is necessary to initiate systemic changes in society, said Larisa Zelentsova, President of Sail of Hope

Nadezhda Lozova

UN, February 20. /TASS/. The Russian Public Charitable Organization "Sail of Hope" presented projects to eliminate the problem of homelessness and to assist to people with disabilities and homeless at the 58th session of the UN Commission for Social Development in New York.

Larisa Zelentsova, President of"Sail of Hope" and the International Alliance of BRICS Strategic Projects, noted the importance of business participation in creating a decent life for the most vulnerable members of society in an interview with a TASS correspondent following the event. According to her, all these goals are being implemented by the global movement the Valuable 500, which was announced at the World economic forum in Davos in January 2019 and which was joined by the first Russian companies at the initiative of these two organizations: Sberbank, VimpelCom and ARP Services.

"We also set a goal to initiate systemic changes in society, to show business and social value of all people, including people with disabilities, to use business opportunities so that everyone can participate in the life of society," the head of the charity added.

At the forum in New York, representatives of "Sail of Hope" informed how Russia is solving the task set for sustainable development until 2030 of creating conditions for a full life for all people. Nomma Zarubina, representative of Sail of Hope in the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), introduced the participants to the organization's project on creating jobs in one of the districts of the Moscow region. "Of course, the main cause of homelessness is poverty, and it is the eradication of poverty that is recorded as a top priority in the UN's sustainable development goals," she stated.

In turn, President of the international Alliance for protection and integration Rajiv Valiev spoke about joint projects of the CIS countries in the field of health, sports, education and culture aimed at improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. Another representative of the organization, a member of the Public Chamber of the Novosibirsk region, Irina Khapko, presented examples of successful interaction between commercial structures and public organizations in the implementation of national projects in Russia.

During the event, Marii Boucher, the Austrian school of etiquette, a representative of the NGO "Sail of Hope" in the UN ECOSOC, made a report. She informed about the implementation of a project in Russia and other countries to develop an application for smartphone Elegance App, which contains courses on etiquette, including for people with disabilities. The initiative is designed to promote a culture of communication and education in society. Anna Pirogova, a participant in the project, an entrepreneur from Novosibirsk, spoke about ways to eliminate gender inequality by involving more women in entrepreneurial activity and eliminating gender inequality in this area.

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